Sports Physiotherapy

Participation in sports and exercise is very beneficial to your overall health, but it can also lead to injury. Sports injuries are commonly caused by overuse or direct trauma, and are generally divided into two categories: acute or chronic. Acute injuries happen suddenly due to some kind of trauma, unexpected movement, or a fall. Ankle sprains are a very common example of an acute sports injury. Chronic injuries are caused by the overuse of the same muscles or joint over a period of time.

We help athletes return to pre足injury status and can assist in the recovery from:

  •     Sprains, strains and dislocations
  •     Ligament tears
  •     Concussion and whiplash
  •     Ankle Sprains
  •     Groin Pulls
  •     Hamstring strains
  •     Shin Splints
  •     Knee injuries, including ligament tears and patellofemoral syndrome
  •     Tennis/Golfers elbow (epicondylitis)
  •     Rotator cuff tears
  •     Post-surgical procedures, such as ACL repair

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